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Reply to "Anyone else got concerns with the 'New' MTH companies?"

It hasn't worked since they moved several months ago.  I can only guess, but I believe they moved their server/web provider, and the "find it locally" database did not make the cut.

I'd like to easily find out the shipping schedule for some of the "special run" items that I ordered.  I know Mr Muffin showed us how, but his solution was not all-inclusive as some of the items did NOT show up in the query. - I might just add shortcuts to my web browser for these.

The Find it locally feature redirected the website visitor from the hosted website to an internally hosted server (without DNS) located at which I suspect was at the MTH Columbia office. I noticed this server went offline during the move from the old MTH office to the new Parts & Sales office.

Anything printed or said to you by a "trusted source" about a shipping schedule is a wishful & diluted guess at this point.

I ordered "In-Stock" IT hardware back in May with an estimated arrival date of July 1.
Received notification on August 1, that my order would arrive before August 31.
Received notification on Sept. 3 that they will now provide an estimate by September 15 as to when this equipment will ship.
On October 1 I was notified that my equipment is located in a shipping container off the coast of California and no further shipping estimates will be provided until the container is actually offloaded from the ship.
I called my sales rep and his best "guess" as to when this stuff arrives is first quarter 2022 but don't be surprised if I have to wait until June 2022.

Patience is a virtue.

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