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Reply to "Anyone who has / wants old fashioned DCS and Remotes... CRITICALLY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ"

@H1000 posted:

I intend to shoot another video on how to set this up. It's easier to show you vs. type it all out in a long article. This may be while as planting has started this week and we are pretty much running 16 to 18 hours a day right now.

What I can tell you is that the cost to do this is nothing other than the purchase of a remote controller of your liking. The controller in the video is linked to my tablet via a Bluetooth connection. The controller I used in this video is made by ipega.

Currently I've only played around with this on the Android platform and haven't yet experimented at all with the iOS devices.

My ultimate goal is to have MTH/DCS to take notice and to adopt an API to allow easier integration of these controllers into their app.


That sounds great.  What is doing the receiving?


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