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Reply to "Anyone who has / wants old fashioned DCS and Remotes... CRITICALLY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ"

@clem k posted:

Looks like it takes two hands, and now my controller is 3 times larger.

Screen sizes on phones and tablets range from 4 to 12 inches, you can pick whatever size you want. This particular tablet in my video is 7 inches. See the difference in size of my 4.3 inch xt907 vs the DCS remote.


There are one handed versions of these app remotes available also.

It's a far stretch to consider the current stock of DCS and CAB2 remotes fully one handed. The CAB1 is close but lacks ergonomic buttons with unique feel and differing tactile feedback responses. Even the newest lionchief remotes (with the fewest buttons) are not one handed.

You'll also notice that I am able to use more than just my thumb to operate functions on app remote where as it takes 4 fingers just cradle an hold the traditional remotes. The buttons are fully customizable to your liking on the app remote, and not set in stone like traditional remotes.


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