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Reply to "Are three switches in a row a big No-No?"

@bmoran4 posted:

Just about any car with coil couplers and shoes will uncouple and/or operate as all it takes is for one of the shoes to make contact with a conductor with non-ground potential.

I have cars with coil couplers triggered by sliding shoes, and when they go though my 3 in a row Postwar 022 switches from one main line to the other, they do not uncouple.

This video shows 7 Postwar oil tankers  with coil couplers and sliding shoes gliding at moderate speed through three 022 switches in a row, and there is no uncoupling or derailments:

I think it was Don who said he keeps his 022 switches a little loose (not totally cemented in place). I do the same, and I also keep them level and aligned properly in order to minimize derailments.

I am very pleased with the long term performance, durability, reliability, fixability, appearance and affordability of Lionel Postwar 022 switches with fixed voltage plugs. Arnold


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