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Around the walls or around the room?

Overall size: 12' wide by 10' deep
Prior note on track type: Tubular rail with Ross switches
Foundation wall at the north and and office wall to the east, with a knee wall at the west, and completely open on the south.
Grid squares are 6"

I'm having trouble settling on a track plan for my space. My primary objective is that I'd like to be able to run a few trains at a time, and it'd be great if I could work a second level in, or some elevation.  With an initial design I created, it was pointed out that I had too many unreachable spaces in case of derailments, and someone had suggested an around the wall layout.

In order to keep the middle open and be able to reach everything, I ended up with the curve-happy layout you see in version 1 (the inner T of the baseboard will probably be closer to the inner curves) . Not a whole lot of straight with all the back-to-back curves to turn things around, and not too much room for any scenics.

I later found a 2-level fastrack design that Gerhardt had posted back in '19 and adapted it as shown (version 2).  I can live with a duck-under or removeable bridges at the bottom, but here I have again a northeast corner that's nearly out of reach from the center aisle. I like this layout because it has tons of straights, a 2 reversing loops and not all these curves back-to-back, and it can support 4 trains no problem. I know there are a few logistic things to overcome with the second level overlapping the bottom track but that won't be the focus at this time.  I'm really looking for suggestions. I'm starting to consider adding a sliding window in the wall from the adjacent office just to reach any derailments in that back corner...


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  • Version 2 combined layers: V2 Both Layers
  • Version 1: V1
  • Version 2 Layer 2: V2 Layer 2
  • Version 2 Layer 1: V2 Layer 1
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