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Atlas 50' 6" IPD style box cars

Just found about 10 cases of older ones, that got hidden behind some gondolas. Have restocked on the website.  SO between the new ones that just got here, and whats in stock...I think Ive got 24 different road names here...

Im not gonna show pix of them all and make this post a mile long....but heres the list.

GB&W blue, GB&W yellow, MRL, PH&D,  MP/UP yellow,  TP/MP,  NdeM, A&WP/Fam Lines, CSX, Southern

Berlin Mills, M&NJ, NH&I, P&W, SP/Golden West Svc, St Marys, C&P,  NYSW (tuscan plain)

BN green, BNSF Wedge, RBOX large logo, RBOX/pooling experts, RBOX pink, undecorated

Just mentioning cause these cars have been pretty popular, and  i have some older ones back in stock...





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