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Reply to "Atlas' Acquisition of MTH Tooling"

@G3750 posted:

Atlas has managed to get a few items produced, but that's way less than the stuff they're sitting on.

As for TMCC, it has several overwhelming advantages over DCS:

  1. Reliability.  And reliability trumps all else.  What good are "cool" features when the train won't respond?  TMCC works and its small number of issues have proven solutions, unlike DCS with its 5 TIU hardware versions, countless software revisions, book of spells and incantations, and thousands of "Engine not found" posts.  The numbers don't lie.  Any objective comparison of problems between systems over the past 15 years prove TMCC's reliability over DCS without any doubt whatsoever.
  2. Open to 3rd Party innovation.  By putting the TMCC codes into the public domain, Lionel sparked innovation from 3rd party entrepreneurs such as IC Controls, Digital Dynamics, Electronic Railroad, TrainAmerica Studios, and Z-Stuff.  And licensing provided us with TMCC equipped locomotives from K-Line, Weaver, Atlas, and 3rd Rail.
  3. Upgrade path.  If you really need all of the sophisticated "bells and whistles", there's Legacy.  And the sound in those locomotives is superior to anything else around.

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1. Just because DCS doesn't work for one person does not mean it's "unreliable". I've had 0 issues with DCS or TMCC. All I did in setup was read the instructions that came with my TIU, wired it how I was instructed to, and it has operated perfectly since day 1. Yes all you have to do with Legacy/TMCC is hook up one wire and you're good to go. Being that it uses radio signal there are people who have issues with the system getting interfered with by their house wiring or layout setup. So even Legacy/TMCC isn't a perfectly reliable system

2. The only reason DCS doesn't have the same things is because MTH never licensed it. They might now, and then there could be aftermarket products.

3. The only real "upgrade" path to Legacy is to buy a new Lionel locomotive. Lionel doesn't make Legacy upgrade kits available to the consumer. Want Legacy in an older locomotive? You have to make your own kit by ordering boards from Lionel and building your own wire harness. You can get older TMCC kits but in diesels you only get 4 RPM sound levels, steam needs extra hardware for 4 chuffs and puffing fan smoke.  PS3 kits gets you all those features, plus remote couplers, out of the box without additional parts. Plus you get a locomotive that has the same features as a brand new PS3 locomotive out of the box. In addition there are hundreds of sound files that can be added to a PS3 locomotive, plus existing files can be modified and by the end user with programs like ADPCM. ERR upgrades give you limited files, nothing locomotive specific, and you can't change them. As far as Legacy Railsounds being the best around that's debatable. There are sounds in DCC that blow Railsounds out of the water.

I own PS2, PS3, TMCC, and Legacy locomotives. Quite honestly for those who want to operate their trains in a prototypical manner with the correct sounds (whistles/horns/bells) or be able to change them when they want DCS is the better, more advanced system.

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