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Reply to "Atlas' Acquisition of MTH Tooling"

Interesting news.

I am most interested in the continuation of the Premier steam line with 2-rail option. I am glad that Atlas didn't acquire those products.


In HO, the product lines they purchased have taken years to get to market, and then only a small percentage of the models have seen the light of day.

And in N, which I dabble in, the Atlas quality has become hit and miss - with much more miss.  More than half of my last 10 Atlas N locos were dogs. Some went right back to Atlas. One they could never get right. For now, Atlas N locos are off limits for me. Not worth the risk.

Let's hope the MTH quality is maintained... and that we will get 2-rail models with pure DCC electronics.

Hopefully the MTH/Atlas transaction will be beneficial to Atlas and the modelers.


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