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Reply to "Atlas' Acquisition of MTH Tooling"

A couple of observations about DCS.

If you like updating sounds files, software and electrical engineering than DCS is for you.

That DCS remote feels like it’s gonna fall apart in your hands. The remote could use a serious upgrade.

I have both Legacy and DCS. I love my MTH locos but I want reliability in operations, everything else is secondary to trains running reliably.
Depending on the future support/service of DCS will determine whether or not my current roster of MTH engine get retro fitted with TMCC. I’ve been at my wits end more than once with DCS and it’s unreliability. Depending on it’s future will determine  whether I send a pile of MTH engines to Alex Maliae for TMCC conversions. Let’s wait and see

"Although I do think it’s unreliable, I believe it’s more likely to be unreliable on larger layouts. How big is your layout?"

16'X17'. Two interconnected loops, 7 sidings, a turntable, and 9 whisker tracks. Got 10s for DCS signal strength everywhere.

"That’s if you don’t get engine error, engine not found and out of rf range first"

I've never had that issue. I have 15 DCS locomotives and they all run without issue, and I've modified or changed the sound file on each one.

"Interesting that you would tout operating your trains in a prototypical manner yet you're running 3 rail 😂"

I run 3 rail because I can turn a scale AC6 Cab Forward on a 36" radius curve. Can't do that in 2 rail O. DCS has pre-programmed whistle sequences, so you can hit the SXS key and your locomotive will play the correct whistle sequence as it approaches a crossing on your layout at a set scale speed. Pretty prototypical to me 😉.

DCS has been plenty reliable for me. I read the instructions that came with the TIU, followed them, and it’s been perfectly fine for me. Never bothered with any add on materials. It's not hard to use at all. I run TMCC and DCS on my layout without any issues at all. In fact I run my TMCC locomotives with the DCS remote 90% of the time.

I will agree the thumb wheel on the remote sucks. I'd prefer a knob like on a Cab-1.

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