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Alan Hummel posted:

Way back when Atlas had about a 4year time when basically nothing was available in any scale,they were supposed to pull everything in China and move it-what happened to that dream?

I surely give Lionel credit for keeping the Lionscale project in North Carolina. I think they could easily take over the Atlas O Scale line and I think O Scale would see BIG improvements in availablity,but that's just my opnion for what little that's worth.

I think I bought the last CSX 4750s from any hobby shop. I researched this & can't find any,so come on Atlas,get to moving. I know O Scale is extremely small compared to HO,but waiting years on a project is ridiculous. Availability is 9/10s of the battle,if new modelers find this out,how many can be counted on to move into O Scale? Sorry,but had I have known all I now know,I'd have stayed in HO. This scale seems to be rooted in the Steam,Early Diesel era,or so it would seem. Start talking about modern things like shelf couplers,and the conversation starts to get sort of ugly.

I was told by someone at Atlas years back that they were "committed" to O Scale. Well,if that's so,they better get out of China too many projects are lagging WAY TOO FAR BEHIND.

Lionel & MTH could split up Atlas and I think the modelers would be happy & so would Atlas. Again,all this is just my opinion.

As Always,

Al Hummel

I am sorry but think you are wrong with your idea of the others buying Atlas. Would MTH and Lionel keep 2 rail alive? I am not so sure. Why Atlas does what they do is beyond me. Why they won't try to leave China is probably a cost issue. I would pay a bit more in these items were made elsewhere. I am not at all sure of Atlas' intentions. Why they won't talk to us, I don't know. I am as confused as everyone else. Here is a question for the 3 railers. I went Chicago last March and did see quite a bit of Atlas. When a 3 railer goes to their conventions are there stacks of Lionel and MTH?

Sorry for venting.


Dick Donaway

VietNam Veteran

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