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Atlas Hopper Spring

Pictures attached. These are from the Atlas fishbelly hoppers. 6755-4, 6768-4, 6756-3, etc. They have spring loaded doors and that's important for my operations.

I ordered some of these springs from Atlas a while ago but got a message saying they are out of stock and no longer available. I gave them a few months now to become available but it doesn't look like it's going to work out. So I'm looking for any suggestions. I tried McMasterCarr but the bend directions are wrong as are the angles. The inner diameters don't match but that's the least of my problems. It doesn't help that I'm not a spring expert so figuring out the nomenclature is tricky business.

My backup plan is to ship a set of springs (because they're all different) to a company I use at work and have them make it. They make custom springs. Just seems like a lot of hooplah for four small springs. I didn't see any on ebay either. Anybody know where a guy can get some extremely specific springs?


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