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Reply to "Atlas O CZ, Mail, Baggage, observation, etc, Cars"

Originally Posted by Hot Water:
Originally Posted by dkdkrd:

 We must've picked the wrong train to model.  Let's pull the plug on this one and go to the Super Chief!  I hear tell you can sell ANYTHING in Santa Fe, Warbonnet, name and colors!'




Good post, KD!


However, it looks like Golden Gate Depot may have beaten Atlas to the punch on the Santa Fe Super Chief.


Alternatives could be, the high level Santa Fe El Capatian, or ANY of the Union Pacific "City of" train sets, with their unique car sides & window patterns.

Keep in mind there are significant price differences going on between Atlas and GGD. The Atlas CZ cars can be preordered for $129.95. The GGD Super Chief cars are at $239.99. The upcoming GGD Lark cars are at $199.99. The GGD Daylight cars were about $138 and seem like an absolute bargain now. If these price differences can remain in place, is there a market for Super Chief cars from both companies? Or will the cost of new dies/tooling bring Atlas prices in line with GGD? The advantage GGD has now is bringing a whole set to market in a shorter time frame.

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