Reply to "Atlas O Switch Failures"

Yes I am part of the Balboa Park group, and thanks for the track cleaning cars.

The alien metal part is the black center rail as shown by the arrows:


The problem is the jumper wires on the underside of the switch which will sometimes burn out:


The ideal solution (if you can remove the switch) is to unscrew the jumper cables, drill a bigger screw hole, and attach a larger gauge wire that you can connect directly to your power bus under the layout.  However, if you can't remove the switch, you can drill a small hole through the bottom flange of the center rail and feed a solid copper wire through.  Then solder the other end of the wire to the center rail of the track attached to the switch:


After you solder in the jumper wire, write over the wire and solder with a black Sharpie and no one will notice.



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