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Reply to "Atlas Reveals First MTH Model"

@MartyE posted:

Not a big surprise. I suspect these were already in the MTH pipeline and now they just put them in an Atlas box rather than a MTH box. It’s not like they had to start from scratch.

Good choice though. Now it will be interesting to see their first engine.

Of course they’re not starting from scratch.  Why would they?  That would sort of defeat the purpose of acquiring existing tooling, wouldn’t it?

Atlas has basically gained the ability to offer a whole bunch of ready-to-go products that can be built relatively quickly at well-run facilities with a proven track record for turning out quality products.  That has to be an incredibly refreshing concept for a company that has had so many issues bringing its products to market for so many years now.

Now all they have to do is select a former MTH item that they acquired, announce it, take orders, then build it if there’s enough demand...and then put it in an Atlas box.  Boom...just like that Atlas can put themselves back in the “O” game...if they want to be.  My gut tells me there will be many more “quick-to-market” products (at least by Atlas standards!) coming our way.

And if they’re going to coordinate product releases with the entity that becomes of the former MTH, then even better for them...and for those of us who enjoy purchasing/operating products from ALL manufacturers.  I wish Atlas nothing but success with this.  Who says “O” is dead?!?!

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