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Reply to "Atlas Reveals First MTH Model"

@Norton posted:

MTH Premier Heavyweights are the same length as Lionel 18” cars from the 2000s, and K-Line 18” cars. No need to split hairs, they all work well together.


All I was saying was that MTH refers to their passenger cars as 70 footers because they are only 17 1/2 inches long.  Looks like Atlas is going to continue with the MTH terminology.

The bigger issue with me is that the MTH cars ride lower (more realistic) than the Lionel cars I own, which have a fairly large gap between the truck and body.  As far as I'm concerned, an all MTH passenger train "looks" better than a mix of manufacturers, where I think the MTH car sits noticeably lower.  My Lionel and K-Line are closer in height and look better together to me.

I hope the Atlas cars maintain the lower, more realistic, ride height.


MTH in front, Lionel in back.

By the way, I hope Atlas builds the PRR baggage with the round window as shown on this MTH car.  This car is very close to a prototype PRR B70, unlike the Lionel car behind it which is nowhere near close.  I also hope they build the MTH PRR HW multi-window RPO with round windows on all doors (current ones are rare).

And if I'm allowed some wishful thinking knowing this will require new tooling, I hope Atlas puts a round roof on some HW releases to reflect a modernized HW car.  Many roads did this.

I do agree with others that these "scale" 70 footers is an interesting departure for Atlas, even though there were a few prototype 70/72 foot cars built.  Just an observation, not a hate statement.  I know there are a lot of forum members that cannot run/do not like a scale 80' car on their layout, so this is great news for them.  I hope Atlas' decision to build them works out well for the company.


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