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Atlas turntable track power problem

I have just installed an Atlas O turntable. I have it wired for 3-rail operation, however one half of the center rail does not have any power. Shown in the picture below, the left side center rail has power, the right side center rail has no power and the engine stops on this part of the track. The two center rail haves are separated by a screw located at the center of the turntable (where the rotation shaft must be located).

There must be a loose connection between the center rails. However, I am not sure how to get inside the turntable and check the connection or solder a jumper wire between the two center rails. I do not want to damage the turntable with my typical trial and error. 

Does anyone know the correct way to access the center rail jumper wire, within the turntable? (has anyone else ever had this problem?)

Atlas turntable top view with center rail arrows

I have checked the wiring in the tool box, at the center of the turntable, and all the connections are properly powered for 3-rail operation.

Thanks in advance for any help getting inside this turntable.



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  • Atlas turntable top view with center rail arrows
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