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Reply to "Automatic Crossing Gate. Any suggestions."

As cautioned earlier in thread, be sure you get the 3-wire (not 5-wire) version.  The identical SKU (6-14098) was used but the installation/wiring instructions changed.


For example, right now on eBay, if you search for "Lionel 6-14098" there's a pre-owned unit auctioning but a photo clearly shows 5-wires.  There is nothing in the listing description that otherwise tells you this.  I looked at some of the New-In-Box listings (only external photos) for 6-14098 and there's no obvious (to me anyway) indication of which version you're getting.

5 wires

Of course if the price is right, it may be worth $10-$15 for a relay module (no soldering required) that would effectively convert the 5-wire gates(s) into 3-wire gates!  There have been many OGR threads on using a relay and insulated-rail triggering to drive 5-wire gates.


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