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Automobiles/ Trucks 1/43-1/50 scale let’s see them

81631213-0A04-43E7-BCEF-8419A732E658A68E454A-45D8-4948-873B-0525F859A31CC0D86491-A16F-4338-B18B-AA24F3E9C3D633350B4B-450E-4C0F-9E37-AB28EBD8642CI know you guys have some fabulous looking automobiles and trucks on your layout I would love to see them I would like for you guys to share what vehicles you’re working on or any updates  future releases of automobiles and trucks you hear of. I’ll get it started and here’s mine finished the one a couple weeks ago 


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  • 81631213-0A04-43E7-BCEF-8419A732E658
  • A68E454A-45D8-4948-873B-0525F859A31C
  • C0D86491-A16F-4338-B18B-AA24F3E9C3D6
  • 33350B4B-450E-4C0F-9E37-AB28EBD8642C
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