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Reply to "Automobiles/ Trucks 1/43-1/50 scale let’s see them"

@Apples55 posted:

I picked these Lionelville vehicle sets from the LCCA as they were originally issued... eventually they will find their way on to various spots on the layout. LCCA did a really nice job with these 1/43 “retro” vehicles. I wonder if they are planning any more sets (@GG1GUYY)???

Set #1


Set #2


Set #3


I really like these. I was able to get set three, and I'm on the lookout for 1 & 2. Question though. Isn't set 3 smaller, i.e. another scale? In your pics, the 1st 2 set appear to be more "1/43" than the third, in relation to the building pictured.

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