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Reply to "Automobiles/ Trucks 1/43-1/50 scale let’s see them"

C0C0D2FE-D9B7-47B6-9FF9-DA9B084C7F94B60C43A3-1D1A-4770-98FF-8C02BA67874166A1DFAD-25AE-4973-968A-92A3C3F3B533AEC310B0-315D-40B0-9892-6269A66BF376B54274B2-6DF0-4110-BE12-5953F08153CB61BC0548-188B-4569-84B1-DF5980068AEARemember when AMT made 1/43 models? Here’s some Pete’s I was working on this summer these will be “shelf queens” when finished. I painted the New Ray cattle trailer white and hooked it to one of those Pete’s I’m working on and I also put a New Ray Iron Nose peterbilt on a AMT Peterbilt frame and gave it some upgrades enjoy the pics


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  • C0C0D2FE-D9B7-47B6-9FF9-DA9B084C7F94
  • B60C43A3-1D1A-4770-98FF-8C02BA678741
  • 66A1DFAD-25AE-4973-968A-92A3C3F3B533
  • AEC310B0-315D-40B0-9892-6269A66BF376
  • B54274B2-6DF0-4110-BE12-5953F08153CB
  • 61BC0548-188B-4569-84B1-DF5980068AEA
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