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Basic wiring five separate loops, each loop 75 feet

New to dcs, lots of info, some of it conflicting.
Question 1 Do the inputs and outputs of a TIU have to be paired…ie …does fixed 1 input have to go to fixed output 1, or can you reconfigure on the handheld?

Question 2.  How do I run conventional locos on the handheld remote? It won’t recognize any engine that is not dcs

3.   I want to run all 4 track loops so they can run dcs, or conventional locos…Does that mean I have to use variable outputs on the TIU, and I was told somewhere that I could change the fixed outs on the TIU to variable, and vice versa…

I have a z4000 transformer, a TIU and a handheld. What else do I need to power all 4 loops…I am assuming I will have each buss going to a terminal block and test to see how the dcs signal is holding on each loop, and install clipons to keep the signal consistent.

Also, can I use the accessories out on the z4000 to power a channel on the TIU?
last one… what is the preferred way to power the TIU with my configuration? Do I power it thru input 1 from the z4000, or do I use a separate brick, and use the aux power in jack?  I have Barry’s book on dcs, and it helps.

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