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An update to you all who have downloaded this or seeing this for the first time.

I will be posting a newly updated version of these diagrams soon, I've had a lot of one and one time with these boards recently. I've learned a few new things about them so naturally I had to make a couple corrections to the drawings and the general notes.

I await the release eagerly, they have been a big help to me, and I really appreciate all the work you put into these!

Is the previously mentioned B6 documentation available with these new updates as well?

If I’m not mistakened, the Legacy PRR B6 0-6-0 that came out a couple years ago was equipped with an RCMC command board not a BEMC. So it has the Flyweel with Odyssey Encoder. In the last update (Jan 2017 revision) Diagram 2 shows the wiring for a teathered engine. BEMC was only used in the recent teahthered 0-8-0. 

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