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Berkshire front pilot saga

As you know, the two clip pieces that hold the wheels in were broke when I unboxed it. I got no response from Lionel, so I sent a message to Charles Ro. I received two new clips from Charles Ro today. They were the wrong clips, so I called Charles Ro back. Talked to a wonderful gentleman who told me that the two pieces I got today were sent from Lionel. So now they are going to send me a new complete front pilot. I hope it's the right one, my pilot has a power piece screwed to it.16085765486057373240694624069768

These are the pieces that were broken, part of the circle was missing that holds the pointed axle in place.16085766738924928906027666994460

These are the replacement pieces, to big and fat to fit in the pilot truck.1608576788774914310698546891639

As you can see, this pilot has thin pockets for the clips. The small screw hole is where the copper power clip goes.16085771301883141769221896691807

Here is the copper power piece that the front axle lays up against. I hope to run this before 2021 arrives...


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  • 16085765486057373240694624069768
  • 16085766738924928906027666994460
  • 1608576788774914310698546891639
  • 16085771301883141769221896691807
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