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Reply to "Berkshire front pilot saga"

I had originally planned to put my AF 765 in storage until I had time to set up some track, but after reading all of the issues listed here, I thought it prudent to open up the box and check my front leading truck.  Well, the truck all seems to be intact and fine, but the front coupler was loose in the box along with a screw.  It seems to be a pretty long screw, but I'm assuming that it is the screw used to hold the coupler in the pilot.  I'm also assuming that it's screwed in from the top and not the bottom.  Before I start fooling around with it (and potentially messing something up), I would really appreciate if someone could check their loco and tell me how their front coupler is attached and if this screw looks right?

The other issue I noticed is that one of the trailing truck electrical contacts is bent away from the axle and not making contact.  That looks like a simple fix of removing the screw holding the contact wipers and bending slightly to make contact.  I posted the picture since others may want to check theirs to make sure their contacts are correctly positioned.  It is nice to see that the wipers are on both sides and have pickups for all four wheels on the truck.

Thanks, Mike A.



Images (3)
  • NKP765a: NKP 765 Front
  • NKP765b: Front coupler and screw found in the box.  Seems a bit long!
  • NKP765c: Rear trailing truck bent contact.
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