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Best Starting color for layout board?


Way back in the day, once the table was set up, the standard procedure was for your dad to go to the hardware store, buy the cheapest can of bright green paint he could find, and paint the top of your board with a brush.  And that was that!

In a week or two, I will be painting my layout board.  I am going to use a really long nap roller, such as 1/2 inch, so that the ground has a mottled look.    But, what color of paint do you guys use for the start-out color?

I don't plan on building lots of different scenery or structures or streets, so there probably won't be very much detail painting in different colors after the first paint job.  Some yes, but not  a lot.

Is there a color that is generally used to simulate ground and brush?   A Great Plains type of look?   (If I decide to do a winter scene layout, I'll use cotton white paint, but right now, I am not totally certain yet that I'll do the winter scene.)

Thanks for all advice.





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