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Reply to "Best Starting color for layout board?"

What's kinda cool above I hadn't mentioned is some of the green tint seen on the upright, is actually copper playing with the camera and showing as green. (old copper tarnishes green)

Note I broke every "rule" with seams and flat surfaces vs stacking on the plateau footings, etc.  It's still OK imo. A learning experiment I've left alone. Another angle.IMG_20180917_220352


You mentioned interest in deserts? It's not grass, but you can see how the base and later layers change things about each top coats shading.IMG_20200224_153521~3IMG_20200227_033019IMG_20200228_074804~2IMG_20200228_132825~2IMG_20200228_141715~2

Blue&grey stripes, dark brown down low & sand highlights & on top added (the yellow of sand tone is really popping extra here)IMG_20200228_164440~2

You can't paint straight on a surface like this, you just add a color here and there to hide some of another. Short bursts of work and an admitted smaller brush here about 3/8" squared flat brush mostly.  You can skip the "painted rock" type lines or use wider bands or one color band, etc.   (this was actually inspired more by Michigans "Painted Rocks" on Lake Superior vs any desert version.)


A wash of dirty black/brown brushwater takes away the fresh look where paint to too clean to look "right".  If you look close you can still see the base colors and more "solid sandstone" high areas with whiter, grayer base from this angle, lows have a darker sandstone shade and pores. The "harder" grey stone ramp had an extra strong sand brown wash before the dulling grime.


It's just not hard to get a result you might be able to live with. (more "3 color" foam carving.(four w/the red brick wall, added later.)  It holds a ceramic castle lamp and a heavier Santa sleigh (counter weight) and flying R.deer team. maybe 3lbs ontop of a "feather", and not a wobble.  The grass here is a small fleece throw bl├ánket, baby size at about 40"sq. "Moss" is missed dust .


The buildings are foam boxes, squares were there. I added the balcony with a piece of excess box. The brown wood is just streaky paint on yellow paper glued to a matchstick and that glued into each opening. The yellow building is fancy, and has plastic windows over black, glued on the low half, and yellow kickwall is held on the glass with silver pinstripe to hide that. The balcony's kickwalls and frames are all just yellow construction paper.(Lionel sign is a magnet, glass door center is pinstripe, door awning is an aluminum scrap. Light comes thru a hole in the back).  Yea. the buildings/plateau etc went fast, the layouts crispness was harder work. I am trying to find less toyish painted grass shots too. (I think my style is sort of Rankin&Bass makes a "Tool" music video while visiting folk art festivals ) )



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  • IMG_20200224_153521~3
  • IMG_20200227_033019
  • IMG_20200228_074804~2
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  • IMG_20200228_141715~2
  • IMG_20200228_164440~2
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