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Reply to "Bit by the DZ-2500 Serial Data Bug"

I'm back in operation, and I have a couple of switch motors to send back to Dennis.   Given the fact that I think I followed all the guidelines for these, I'm not sure why they should continue to croak.  I am supplying them with 14VAC to limit heating from a separate supply for just the switch machines.  I feed all the serial data with the DZ-2001 Data Driver.

The one complication is the four turnouts on the second level have extended leads to get down under the main level, when I have to swap those out, it's a much larger PITA.

@CAPPilot posted:

I was hoping the BBs would fix this.

Those are really targeting the issue with the non-derailing inputs getting a spoke and killing the board I believe.  The serial data just goes directly back to your serial data driver.

@Oman posted:

This confirms my decision to go with DZ-1000. I had read about DZ-2500 problems. I love technology and would use the DZ-2500, but I don't need this aggravation. It's enough that I have to replace Atlas switch machines. I was hoping that the DZ-2500 problem was outdated information.

I read about the DZ-2500 issues as well, I just figured I was smarter than all those people.  Just shows you how wrong you can be!

@3rail posted:
For me, in hindsight, I just should have bit the bullet and installed Tortoise motors under the layout. They are much more difficult to install for me, but once done, they will work forever.

I did think about using Tortoise switch machines, but it's so much more work to install them, and I also would have to add all the wiring and controls for command operation, I decided to go with the DZ-2500.  I may yet regret that decision, but that's water over the dam at this point.

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