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Reply to "Bit by the DZ-2500 Serial Data Bug"

John, thank you for keeping us informed as you work through this installation.  I didn't see the value of the break-out boards and in truth, they don't seem to have been much help.

I too, have encountered issues with DZ-2500 switch machines in past, in particular the DZ-2500A model.  Dennis Zander has always replaced the problem children promptly and for free.  Fortunately, the DZ-2500C is much more reliable (although not perfect) in this regard.  The solution, or at least the work-around, is limit the number of switches controlled by the white DZ-2001 data wire to small groups (4 or less).  The photos below show how I did it.  It's not a solution - it's a faster diagnostic approach that acknowledges the issue and helps resolve it quickly.

DZ-2001 Wire Switches v001


As to alternatives:

  • By comparison, the Atlas switch machines (a simple solenoid) have a much higher mortality rate.
  • The DZ-1000 has been reported as significantly more reliable, but does have the larger form factor and is not directly addressable via command control (ASC-2, DZ-2000).
  • The Tortoise enjoys a wonderful reputation both here and in the HO world and with its under-the-table installation might be the best approach, but I have some questions for all of you:
  1. Does the Tortoise require DC only power?
  2. Does it have any external outputs or ways to control signals?  If so, whose?




Images (4)
  • Atlas205_connector
  • DZ-2001 Wire Switches v001
  • IMG_0512
  • IMG_0516
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