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Reply to "BlueRail engine using AC track power"

Glad to see another (semi BPRC anyway, if you take the BP off) convert!!!




This is sort of a long tale... but I'll try the Reader's Digest version.

My Son has this AtlasO AEM-7 he got from Santa some years ago.  For quite a while we have been trying to figure out how to upgrade it to PS-2 then PS-3 (Yes, that's how long we've been thinking about it.  It has a big honking motor mounted sideways and there is just no room for a PS3 board.

We even tried to have some pros take a crack at it and no one would touch it.  There are threads on this forum about it too.  

I've been following these BlueRail guys with their BPRC for a few years with interest.  I could not get my son energized about BPRC (sorry, bad pun).  He likes DCS Command Control on track power.

When this new BlueRail board offered AC track power option, I figured I would give it a try.  He was still reluctant but was willing to take a look.  We had a false start and the board did not work correctly on AC Track power at first.  It did however perform outstanding on battery power.  The folks at Deadrailinstalls fixed us up right away and as you can see in the previous video, the AC Track power option works great.

Here is a video of the Bluerail board in an MTH F7 running on battery power alongside a DCS F7.  It runs very smooth even with my makeshift setup.

Have Fun.




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