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Reply to "BlueRail engine using AC track power"

Sounds are limited to nothing with BlueRail unless you add a DCC board.  Then you're getting into real money for O-gauge currents.  Just the BlueRail board is $150, then you need a DCC decoder that will handle full sized O-gauge tasks.  Finally, you still have to add the DCC compatible sound board.

I think I can wait on this option until the costs get more in line.


You just need the Bluerail board and a sound decoder.  A third component is not necessary.

I would not take one of my well working engines and transition to BR, but I would take engines with fried boards or even buy conventional engines I liked to upgrade.

My AC BR board was $145 and I purchased a Soundtrax TSU 2200 for less than $100.  So an upgrade is similar to other avenues.

 Also consider... A Soundtrax decoder has many many options for sounds and lights that I can change and customize on the fly.  No need to hook my engine up to a computer and download a different sound set which is still not customizable.

I can also run my engine on ANY layout.  Legacy, DCS, conventional.  I just need 13 volts or so.

Oh and if I switch out two wires, I'm running Deadrail.  

I will post some new video when I get the Atlas AEM-7 running with sound.  You are very familiar with the DCS challenges with that engine.

Maybe it's not for everyone... But it's another option for some.



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