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Reply to "Bookmarking threads"

@richs09 posted:

Is there a way to bookmark specific threads here on OGR?


Maybe the bookmark feature is here and I just don't see it...

Bookmarking pages from ANY web site is a function of your web browser, not the site you are visiting. As Gunrunner John said, you can bookmark any thread here.

Most browsers have a "Bookmarks Toolbar" that will allow you to place bookmarks on a tool bar above the browser screen, like this:

The OGR Site, OGR Forum, Forum Members, etc. are all bookmarks I use often, so I have placed them on what Firefox and Brave call the Bookmarks Toolbar. You can also edit the name of the bookmark when you make it. The name will default to the title of the thread, which can often be very long. You can edit the bookmark display to shorten it if you wish.

Hope this helps!


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