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Reply to "BRATS RR v2"

Well, this time it was a definite golden spike moment. The 4 way yard and double crossovers are connected to all tracks. The track cutting has been completed. I used a DeWalt fiber blade in my Ryobi chop saw. A lot of sparking and a burning smell with the Ross track. I lot less with the Atlas track. I was surprised at the difference.

I was wrong last time. There was still some table top track wiring to do. I think that is now done and dropped. And a reasonable amount of the dropped wires have been connected to terminal blocks. But the terminal blocks aren’t connected to a power source yet. And the only scenery that’s wired is the stuff on the back wall, behind the 4 way yard. So lots more to do. But the final scenery placement and wiring will come after the trains run.

There’s an 063 loop that goes around 30th Street Station and the buildings with it. I put that in for my Red Arrow Liberty Liner. I rode that in the 60’s, and am familiar with the station announcements. I can only envy you NY guys and the available subway sets. I mean a Philly Frankford-Market line subway/elevated would be neat. 69th Street, Millbourne, 63rd Street, 60th Street, 56th Street, 52nd Street, 46th Street, etc.

American Bandstand’s original location was at West Catholic High, which was at 46th Street and Market. That was a long time ago.


30th Street Station 7-7-21Amusement Park 7-7-21Completed track at 4 way switch 7-7-21Control area toward back wall 7-7-21Empire Records 7-7-21Menards buildings 7-7-21Next to 30th Street Station 7-7-21Nicer buildings next to double crossover 7-7-21Toward Amusement Park 7-7-21


Images (9)
  • 30th Street Station 7-7-21
  • Empire Records 7-7-21
  • Menards buildings 7-7-21
  • Next to 30th Street Station 7-7-21
  • Nicer buildings next to double crossover 7-7-21
  • Control area toward back wall 7-7-21
  • Completed track at 4 way switch 7-7-21
  • Toward Amusement Park 7-7-21
  • Amusement Park 7-7-21
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