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Reply to "BRATS RR v2"

Well, it's been a bit, but I don't think you wanted to see the wiring under the layout. In fact, right now it's pretty sloppy. I salvaged a bunch of wire from the previous layout, and rather than shortening it when it reached the appropriate terminal block, I simply attached it and looped the excess into circles.

We had the grandchildren for a week and Theo helped me with some of the wiring. He really liked the DeWalt power screwdriver.

I have pretty much filled out my train shelves with engines and some rolling stock. Also, with help, have them lit much better so pictures are attached. Most of these trains haven't run in a couple of years. But DCS and Legacy now work in a fundamental basic manner. The TIU recognizes my AIU's, but the switches aren't connected. However, I now have the non-derailing wiring for the Ross switches connected, so although I won't be able to (remotely) direct where a train goes, at least it shouldn't derail. Progress comes bit by bit.

shelves middle resizedshelves right side resizedshelves, left side resized

Still have way to many trains, but I do have a table at the Edison Greenberg show.



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  • shelves middle resized
  • shelves right side resized
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