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Reply to "Colorado O Scale St. Vrain River Bridge Project"

Got a chance to work on the bridge again this past month among other things, it also gives me a chance to photo my models a nearly equal passion. 


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  • 4F15F5EA-58E3-4B97-89CE-94D544D59BD4
  • 2CCF906B-00DF-40B7-84E0-94E9CF95FAAC
  • 0D686AEA-7A6D-4A85-96E5-50D7653AD009
  • BE317DFA-3982-4976-9A15-377845362BA2
  • 7371458D-B338-4940-A96E-2CD6867B17A6
  • 997C1EE2-EE95-4AAC-BB5B-AD65B0096AD6
  • E3D5C142-A3FA-4C29-9EA8-7452FF32AEEA
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