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Reply to "Building a Lionel Super Hudson"

@Hot Water posted:

Sure, "A-" it is.

Now,,,,,,,,,,,to the model. Excellent job! I also have a few questions:

1) Your nice photos don't seem to show where/how you mounted the Worthington high pressure Feedwater Pump, not the cold water supply turbine pump.

2) What road number are you planning to use? Without going up to the hot upstairs library, I can't remember exactly which road numbers the NYC up-graded to J3a "Super Hudsons" with the Worthington type S Feedwater system and the "Selkirk Front End".

Jack, the J3 I used obviously is a diecast boiler shell,...the Hudsons as you well know, that received the Worthingtons , had their foot boards split in three sections, with the center section raised to accommodate the high pressure pump and plumbing....I could not see a pretty way to cut this body shell to duplicate, unfortunately, I had to omit that...believe me, I was miffed, but doing that much grinding and cutting might have gotten real ugly real quick....

cab# is 5447 ....that is correct for a Super with Scullins, Selkirk front, Worthington feedwater, and SHOULD have the high pressure pump with relocated foot boards....there should be a pic of it in my initial post, with cab numbers on, and on the tender.....I just couldn’t see a pretty way of splitting those foot boards...I still need to add the number boards to the headlight sides and front,....they still sport the Mohawk’s cab no.’s....


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