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Reply to "Building a Lionel Super Hudson"

@ironman1 posted:

Hi Pat,

Looks, runs & sounds awesome! 

An old friend of mine gave me a 4x6 B&W photo he took of one of those Super Hudson's at Croton-On-Hudson. They are SUPER! My friend Al was about 20 years older than me & lucky enough to photograph many of NYC's roster.  I'd been in love with them ever since. I have an early PS2 MTH with the PT tender, wish it had the disc drivers. Id like to get the Selkirk front also!

Would love to see more videos. Great job, enjoy running her!


Joe, unfortunately any of the unshrouded Hudsons that MTH made, are all of the J1 class,....they did make some “supposed” J2’s for the B&A, but nonetheless, they’re just glorified J1 tooling.....they got the J2 as about as accurate as I did on my Super.....not quite there!....probably,....if I find a beater one, the Williams masterpiece J3a might be a better starting point to do a more accurate least then, all the correct Worthington components could be added, and the boards raised to accommodate the air tank and all the Worthington goodies grandad was a mechanic at Harmon (Croton) , maybe your friend and my grandad crossed paths on the Hudson Division....


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