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Reply to "Building a PRR/PC/CR G39 Ore Jennie - Scratch building with a laser, Part 2"

I’m hoping to get back working on the G-39 next weekend.  I did start working on some of the details.  I devised a corner ladder assembly of sorts, made from poly-backer.  The ladders are three pieces and a bit of a pain to assemble the angles with ACC.  I’m on the fence as to whether it will be a fast enough method for these car.  In the close up photos, the cross section of angle ladder sides looks big, but not so much from afar.  I still might reduce a little.  I also experimented with adding a .020 brass rod on top of the wrung.  This gives it some dimension and I think I will do this, despite the time it will take.    



I also mocked up the pusher bumper.  I used a partial styrene channel for the end, but think I will just switch to 060 acrylic for this.    The pusher bumpers were fairly unique to these cars.  They were extra large and sturdy.  One of the 24” gauge electric pushers is on display at the Railroad Museum of PA.  



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