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Reply to "Building a PRR/PC/CR G39 Ore Jennie - Scratch building with a laser, Part 2"

A brief update on this project.   Photo shows the completed G-39 and G-38.  Penn Central regalia, weathered, etc.  


I’m not entirely happy with the load in the G-39 and intend on creating a slightly different one.   The “iron ore”  I used was Woodland Scenics.  It’s a bit uniform and maybe slightly too reddish, based on what I’ve seen.  The shape is off a bit too.   I might still use the Woodland Scenics and just apply a dark wash and some dry brushing to simulate a taconite load.  Some experimenting on this.....    


I have twenty-three additional G-38s and 39s under construction, now and will add another 25 or so to that.  Should keep me busy at the workbench for at least the rest of the fall and winter, probably longer.  


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