Building the Nickel Plate in 4x10 with Fastrack

I am building the Nickel Plate Road in 4x10 using Lionel Fastrack.


Here are a couple of pics of construction so far: mainlines up and running well:


I have a track planning article with discussion submitted to OGR.  I plan a follow-on article on the construction of the layout.

Here is the layout section design:


And here is a short clip to demonstrate the clearances:  about 4.25" centers.   Its tight, but everything works, almost but not quite touching.  The locos in the clip are: on the outside main, the SCALE SD60M Norfolk Southern LC+2.0 pulling Menard's double-stacks with the camera caboose at the end (fun!).   On the inside the BNSF Tier 4 LionChief pulling an assorted BNSF train.   I have run these trains for about 2 hours total, with no problems.


The above clip is before a slight re-alignment, the re-aligned plan is shown in the track plan diagram.  So I will record another clip after I adjust the track on the layout.   The adjustment adds about 3/16" to the outside mainline width, to add just a bit more clearance (for comfort) .

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