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Got this KBN G├╝therhalle (goods shed) i the mail on Monday- excellent condition. The door was either replaced(should be solid blue) or someone painted the lines on it- otherwise I love this thing- it's become the center piece of my stub siding!:


 Stub Siding includes: the G├╝therhalle, Lionel switch tower kit, Lionel shed kit, Lionel "unloading" stand, Marx uncoupling sign, ertl truck(plan to replace with a RR named vehicle)manual o42 switch, plasticville figures(guys walking with cans), and either MTH or Woodland Scenics workers(woman in shed w/ hay bail, guy on platform with buckets)


Back view of the gutherhalle(TIMBER!!!!-FALLEN TREE lol)


Probably my favorite piece on the layout right now(until the next one!) If anyone was wondering, it is indeed supposed to have 2 shades of yellow. Picture of siding from the North End( with Bing & KBN/BW baggage cars)



Also got a heck of a deal on this Corgi forward March set!! Essentialy 60% off of the usual price-. WW2 era- German halftrack anti aircraft-gun truck and 3 figures( 2 in the background patrolling the border- hopefully the refugee and his dog make it across. These Corgi soldiers and vehicles are 1:50 scale(they measure a bit over half an inch) and finding soldiers that go with "O" is very difficult. Figure height is my biggest "pet-peeve" for my own layout where I try to have ALL of my figures on my main layout American O-scale. For soldiers, I have to settle between 1:43 and 1:50 scale or 1.5 inches +/- .25.


Battle in the international zone of the west end rages on as the (insert tbd name fr bad guys) try to overrun the United Nations base.


Picture from the south of the wes end- now with grass mat underneath. Finally got the Lionel 58 prewar Lamp Post to work(between the Glen Ellyn and Bing Stations). All stations on this end are part of an"International zone" but the stations to the left are exclusive to Allied(good guys) while the stations on the right are under the jurisdiction of the (TBD name for the bad guys). Tomorrow night or Friday the MTH RealTrax will be replaced by an O-22 switch b/c the spot where I stood to take this picture will have a nice 4x4 table and possibly a 4 by 3 table extending from that for a U shape. Can barely wait!



Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving


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