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Reply to "Buy/Make Anything Cool Lately (Tinplate Version)"

Since a lot of people have been posting their prewar tunnels, I decided I’d post mine as well as some vehicles and a new addition about which I’m quite curious. Last few pictures, Help in identifying would be very appreciated!!:

Got both of these from Pop- on the left is the 18 inch, non-lined Lionel tunnel with a 604 observation headed through. On the right is what I believe is a general model corporation tunnel. Vehicles in the background are: Matchbox super king missle launcher, Corgi British police car on top of the red trailer with white wheels, unknown maker for both auto carriers and I think, but am not sure, the red trucks pulling them are Hubley( I knew what one was, definitively, but forgot a lot after my head injury).8013E341-E6CC-4C10-85DD-FD395A2D2BDF

sticker inside the plaster tunnel: G.  C. M. CO. For a whomping .59$! My Grammy still has another tunnel of this materialthat curves in the attic that I really need to check out.


Closer shot of the Lionel tunnel . Also, while it’s not tinplate- wanted to include the B&O k-line boxcar I just bought on Tuesday @Nick Smith’s along with that semaphore...24084FD4-72BB-4B7D-9915-1BCCF69669B0

All white, lattice mast, red top. One “wing”(I believe that’s what it’s called). Base is litho’d stone which is what caught my eye.6CE56F5B-54AF-47D1-94A2-EDC13570A059

I assume this was a bell or something electronic as there’s a wire connected to it.


Top of bad, there’s the wire and a metal bar that it appear someone out there. Speaking of just out there...90821720-911C-4F48-B648-1DA920BB4AA9107CA0E2-AD00-4272-9AFB-6ADDEC8F01E6

the tabs are loose, stays in well enough, but that’s leading me to believe that the semaphore doesn’t belong to thebase.CD7CAA86-6AB3-4101-A0EA-70F00F0AA6FC

as you can seee, no markings. I was going through all the signals on, Ives society, and other site made by KBN, Ives, Bing, Marx, Flyer Lionel, Märklin, and more. A couple base look-a-likes and a few semaphores but none that paired together. Ideas anyone?? I like the piece- compared to the other tinplate accessory signals I liked this one and as I said the base caught my eye. Plus, it’s just a neat looking semaphore That I thought would look nice on my layout.


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  • 8013E341-E6CC-4C10-85DD-FD395A2D2BDF
  • 24084FD4-72BB-4B7D-9915-1BCCF69669B0
  • 6CE56F5B-54AF-47D1-94A2-EDC13570A059
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