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Reply to "Buy/Make Anything Cool Lately (Tinplate Version)"

Last week I posted some pictures of my B&M 38 and 33 painted and decaled. Below are some updated Pictures as they are assembled and at least one of them ( the 38 on a 33 chassis) id complete and running.


I some of the last pictures you can see the 1/2 inch metal bar stock that was made into spacers so the shorter 33 chassis could be used with the 38 shell.  A 1 foot piece of the bar stock was $4.98 in Home Depot.


The last 2 pictures show it on the track running. It runs pretty good but takes a lot of voltage. I didn't do much on this motor except replace the brushes. I'll probably go back and replace some of the wiring and the pickup shoe that is very worn.  

The other B&M 33 might have been done this weekend except that I dropped one of the cowcatchers on the floor and it broke in two. Not a big problem I'll just take one off another 33 that I have ( i seem to have developed a 33 junkyard, I have 2 others in parts on the bench) and paint it black. Maybe next week I'll finish that one.



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