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Reply to "Buy/Make Anything Cool Lately (Tinplate Version)"

John / Steve : OK I see the makings of a contest..."What can you get on a Standard Gauge flatcar?"  Great pictures guys, the Wolverine sub is neat, I thought it might be Wolverine but I couldn't positively ID it until you confirmed it. John, who made the tin truck.  I have not seen one like it before. 

OK here are some more "loads"  All on a Lionel 211 Standard Gauge Flat:

A Japanese cement mixer, carries the mark "sss Japan" but I have no idea what company "sss" might be.  Little small by comparison.


An English delivery truck labeled "Superior Express" , I believe this was actually a biscuit (cookie) tin as it is very inexpensively made and carries no country of origin or mfr label ( hence not likely imported to US officially). Simple sheet metal pressings with lithographed detail.  Unlike the cement mixes which is made up of many, even moving, parts.

Fun in the morning !!



Images (2)
  • mceclip0: Cement mixer on flat car
  • mceclip3: Delivery truck on flat car
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