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Reply to "Buy/Make Anything Cool Lately (Tinplate Version)"

Don McErlean posted:

NWL :  I know that you are right!  I have found things that don't seem to be covered and in addition while Greenberg  is reasonable on the trains and cars it does  not touch structures such as stations etc which we know exist. 

As a quick example, Greenberg lists the 513 coach and 515 observation as only having a "green roof and green and black trim"...I have two 513 coaches and a 515 observation and they have RED roofs... lithographed so they could not have been repainted...sitting just over the desk at which I am sitting right now in my display case. 

Unfortunately, at least in my "library" it is the best I have, I sometimes get better data from O'Brien but most of this stuff is old.

Do you know of a more authoritative reference or web site ... if so could you post it.  Thanks. 

Anyway, regardless of Greenberg, you have found a cool loco !!


Please post pictures of your 513 and 515 cars with red roofs.  They sound interesting.  I am guessing there is no green on the car?

As for a better reference or website for American Flyer Prewar O gauge, there really is none.  I have just acquired a vast knowledge of Flyer O gauge after collecting it for over 35 years.  There are a few friends I network with to share knowledge with or call if I have questions.  I also have a vast inventory of advertisements and paperwork, which help to fill in some of the holes that are not covered by the Flyer catalogs.  


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