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jhz563 posted:

Well recently I came across this yellow gondola.  I have no idea if it’s rare or common but I hadn’t seen a yellow one before so I picked it up.


Also picked up this fantastic USTTC boxcar from Papa Eastman. I had never heard of this company before or seen their product.  I am still learning about tinplate, but one thing I have learned is the time to buy something you like is when you see it, so I couldn’t pass this up.  

The car is beautiful, and I knew my wife would like it too because of the subject and color scheme.


Interestingly, the side graphics are decals.  I never would guessed until I got it in my hands.  The color match is perfect.  


Size-wise it’s a great match to a 2817 caboose or a 710 passenger car.


Happy kid bonus!

The USTTC are semi clones of 800 series, or the later 2800 with box couplers. Looks good. The one that is a bit different is the caboose. They have a off center cupola.


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