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   Picked up about 8 - 800 Series Cars from Jim Lawson this past week, they are pictured below.


Original 814 Flat Orange/Teal & Black early Lionel Box Car with Latch Couplers.  Will need to shine this Car up to it's original state.


2, Green/Black 812 Gondola Cars, one light Green/Black with Box Couplers, a seriously nice Car, and one old Dark Green/Black with Latch Couplers.  I will touch this 812 Gondola Car up just slightly.   A very nice Brown/Yellow & Black Frame 814 Box Car with Latch Couplers.


1 real nice original Flat Green on Green with Gold Trim 817 Caboose, with Latch Couplers, in nice shape, here on the over head Tracks.  The 2nd one with Orange Window Trim, in the Back Shop awaiting my attention.  The 2 - 817 Flat Green on Dark Green Cabooses were a great addition to my 817 Consist, I had neither 817 Caboose in these particular colors.


Two of my favorite old Smaller 800 Series Cars, the 806 Orange and Burgundy Cattle Car, and the Red & Teal 807 Caboose, both with Latch Couplers.  These beauties will fit perfectly with my 259E - 600 consist.



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