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This is a bit of a hybrid, but since it is powered by tinplate, I'll post it here.


This is a Marx Riser Gear windup motor, but as you might have noticed, there is a bit of extra mechanism at the front.  The motor is basically stock with the exception of a lot of extra gearing to make the governor spin faster.... and since the governor can only spin so fast, it means the motor runs considerably slower than stock.  A lot slower.  Since the gearing between the mainspring and drive axle is stock, the pulling power and running distance is comparable to a stock Marx Riser Gear motor.  A stock motor like this will complete 5 laps of my mainline in a bit less than a minute.  This motor takes nearly 8 minutes to cover the same distance.

Why is it a hybrid?  Because I installed it in a Lionel #8796 diesel switch engine shell... a plastic shell... 

It sure is fun to see it putter around the layout:

 - James


"Clockwork guys really know how to unwind!"


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