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Dennis Holler posted:

Looks like I just won this pile of crap.   I know it is not that great, but I was looking for a 483 crane and gee, its basically two whole sets plus some Chrome Marx signals for $55..  The 3/16ths set is missing the 561 loco, but I have a couple of those so no problem.

another pile of junk from ebaymarx chrome signals

Nice score...!


One day an engineer calls the dispatcher and asks him for the time. The dispatcher responds by asking him what road he works for… The engineer is a little upset and snaps “What difference does that make?”
“Well”, the dispatcher drawls, “if you work for the BN it’s 2 pm;
if you work for the UP it is 1400;
if you work for the NFS the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 2; and
if you work for Amtrak it’s Tuesday!”

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