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LoadMaster posted:
Dennis Holler posted:

Looks like I just won this pile of crap.   I know it is not that great, but I was looking for a 483 crane and gee, its basically two whole sets plus some Chrome Marx signals for $55..  The 3/16ths set is missing the 561 loco, but I have a couple of those so no problem.

another pile of junk from ebaymarx chrome signals

Nice score...!


Not bad Dennis, I have seen the flea market guys list one signal and a bent piece of track for that much. 

Of course theirs is "RARE AND VINTAGE". I have often thought of starting a topic called "REALLY????"

on here so people could post some of the absurdly priced items they see online. Like the guy who

keeps relisting the rusty marx 6" frame for 69.99 or the one who keeps listing the common flying

yankee set for $3500. I made him an offer of $75, he got upset. hehe

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