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I am late in catching up with this topic, and I am not sure this qualifies as either "bought" or "lately," but I sure think it is cool. 

While primarily a low-grade S gauge operator/collector, I do enjoy my modest collection of Marx 6" tinplate trains, toys and accessories.  It has been years since I found a really interesting train at a thrift store or flea market, but I occasionally find myself accompanying my wife to one or the other.  To give myself something to look for, I seek out tinplate candy and cookie tins and the like that I think can look good on a tinplate setup.

At some time last year, I must have mentioned this to my sister who is an experienced thrift shopper, both for her own use and for vintage items to sell in her own shop. 

I was already the envy of the room when it turned out that this great old train (actually airline) case under the tree turned out to be my gift from her.   

Alans Gift from Marlene [1)Alans Gift from Marlene [2)

Imagine my further surprise and delight when I opened the case:

Alans Gift from Marlene [3)Alans Gift from Marlene [4)

Actually the tall can in the first pic was a gift from my other sister who hosted the Christmas get together and was a co-conspirator in the hunt.   What's more, each can contained an additional small gift.  Not only a great tinplate acquisition, but very easy to pack for the trip back to Oregon.





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